आपका हार्दिक स्वागत हैं. Executive Committee Meeting of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association, Indore Branch is scheduled to be held on 21st of December'2013 at Manik Bagh Palace, Conference Hall, Indore. The meeting is scheduled to commence at 11.00 A.M. Sharp.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holding of JCM Meeting with the representative of recognised Association-reg

              Kindly refer to your letter C. No. I(22)07/2011/JCM/Admn/231 dated 02.04.2014 on the subject cited above. As desired vide above referred letter the following  points are submitted for consideration :-

01. Requirement of Infrastructure on Impelmentation of Cadre Restructuring 

Its almost two decades that Indore Commissionerate has been facing problems related to infrastructure. This time its a real time opportunity to get ride of the same. Its requested that Committee may kindly formed with a Noddle officer to look into the matter.

02.   Posting of Officers to Closed Cigarette manufacturing Unit 

One of the Cigarette manufacturing Unit under Division-Indore has stopped manufacturing under intimation to the concerned officers. However, Inspectors are round the clock posted to the said Closed Unit , which is not contributing any revenue to the exchequer. Posting of Inspectors to this closed may please be withdrawn and a mechanism of surprise visits to such Units can be devised to check any misuse.

03.  Sports club/ Gym facilities

In order to have more physical & mental strength, the Association in the  JCM held on 23.12.2009 requested to have a sports club/ Gym facilities in Hqrs., Office to which, it was informed that the then Superintendent( Hqrs.,)- Shri Rajesh Tandon has been asked to prepare a proposal/ report in the matter. As there was no progress in the matter, the issue was further raised in the JCMs held on 14.09.2011, 04.01.2012, 24.04.2012 & even in last JCM held on 31.10.2012.

      04. Non-maintenance of Staff quarters at MOG Lines.
The Association in almost all the JCMs held since Dec'2009 has been raising the issue of non-maintenance of Staff quaters at MOG lines. It was also brought to notice that the Department is transferring the License-fee to CPWD in-spite of no maintenance is being done by them.

  05.  Medical Claim/ CGHS/ approved Hospital  facility
 In case of clinical emergency whenever an Officer is rushed to a Hospital, requirement of immediate Cash deposit is made by these approved Hospital. A mechanism of giving NOC by Welfare Officer for sanction/ payment of eligible claim can be given to Hospital. Also, a request recommending approval of Bombay Hospital & Choithram Hospital may kindly be forwarded to Co-ordination Committee of Central Govt. Employee, Indore.

05. Sufficient grant for Medical Claim

While sending proposal for grant of Medical reimbursements for the year 2014-15 amount  pending in respect of claims pending as on 01.04.2014 may also be taken into consideration so that sufficient grant remains during the F.Y 2014-15.

      06. Non-payment of Arrears of Pay ( Also raised in the last JCM)

 Payment of arrears on account of implementation of V Pay Commission’s implementation is still pending.

( N.B.- In minutes issued of the last JCM, instead of asking the Divisional In-charge, the aggrieved officer ( Shri Ashish Hadkey) has been aske dto take necessary action. )

07. Non-payment of Deputation Allowance to Officers returned from SEZ Deputation ( Also raised in the last JCM)
Officers repatriated from SEZ, Indore after completion of Deputation are not being paid Deputation Allowance but are asked to contact Assistant Development Commissioner, SEZ, Indore. While the Assistant Development Commissioner vide his letter dated 29.11.2012 has viewed that if they can reimburse the Arrears of VI Pay Commission for the period spent in parent Commissionerate, there should not be any objection on payment of Deputation Allowances by the Parent Commissionerate. It is requested to resolve the stalemate situation. And, efforts may kindly be made for early payment of Deputation Allowances.

 Do allow me, Sir, to consider myself as ..
                                                                                    Yours faithfully,

                                                                                (VINOD SHARMA)
                                                                              SECRETARY GENERAL   

Friday, December 20, 2013


Executive Committee Meeting  of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association, Indore Branch  is scheduled to be held on 21st of December'2013 at Manik Bagh Palace, Conference Hall, Indore. The meeting is scheduled to commence at 11.00 A.M. Sharp.
Agenda for discussion:

1.      Discussions upcoming Cadre Restructuring
2.   Briefing of meeting of office bearers of AICEIA held at New Delhi on 15.12.2013
3.      Any other items with the permission of the chair.

With the permission of the President the Executive Committee Meeting is open to all Members of AICEIA, Branch- Indore.

                                                                               (VINOD SHARMA)
                                                                              SECRETARY GENERAL

Minutes of Executive Body of AICEIA, Branch-Indore held at Manik Bagh Palace, Indore on 03.12.2013

C. No. AICEIA/Meeting/2013                                      Indore, 03.12.2013

            Meeting of  Executive Body of AICEIA, Indore--Branch was held before the office hours on 03.12.2013 at Manik Bagh Palace, Indore. Com. Mahesh Verma - President,  Com. Sandip Panvalkar -Vice-President, Com. Vinod Sharma- Secretary General, Com. Suresh Nair - Joint Secretary and Executive Members- Com. Kushal Chourey, Com. Pramod Nimje, Com. Mrs. Lalita Nair, Com. Ashwini Sharan, Com. Stephen Samuel , Com. L.S.Davar, Com.J.R.Meena, Com.Yogendra Sharma were present.

02.        With the permission of the Chair, letter dated 02.12.2013 of the Com. Vinod Sharma, regarding his resignation from the post of Secretary, AICEIA, Indore Branch was read out. Com. Mahesh Varma, President of the AICEIA, Indore Branch stated that the resignation offered by the Secretary Com. Vinod Sharma should not be accepted. The same was also the view of all the other office bearers and therefore it was unanimously resolved that the resignation is not being accepted and Com. Vinod Sharma would continue as the Secretary.

It was thereafter decided by all the executive members that a letter would be written to the Administration informing that the frequent transfer orders issued by the Department were not as per the transfer policy and should be re-dressed as per the norms and policy. It was also decided that the copy of the said letter should also be addressed to the Chief Commissioner, Central Excise, Bhopal.

Besides the above, the following pints were also taken for discussion with the permission of the chair.

Formation of other Commissionerate in lieu of Cadre re-structuring

The association by their efforts had intervened regarding the formation of Commissionerate and in this regard a proposal was forwarded by this Commissionerate to CC unit to modify the jurisdiction and also to propose the Second Commissionerate at Indore itself instead of Gwalior. A letter regarding the infrastructure in lieu of the forthcoming cadre restructuring is to be written, it was decided that a letter may be written to the Chief Commissioner, Central Excise, Bhopal to look into the matter.

Ex-Gratia lumpsum sanction from Welfare Fund

It was decided that as per the Welfare Measure norms, ex-gratia lump sum amount is to be given to the family of officers, in case of their death. The proposal to DGHRD needs to be forwarded in the case of Com. Late V. K. Tripathi. A letter is to be written in case if the proposal is not sent.

Deduction of monthly subscription from the members

The treasurer as well as the member of the association should ensure that the monthly subscription of all the members are being deducted in time and in case of new members joined the association it should be ensured that willingness of each such member be obtained/submitted in prescribed format. Further the outstanding amount due towards the members and which is badly delayed be disbursed at the earliest.


It was decided that a letter be written to the Secretary Welfare Fund regarding the deployment of members to look into the Welfare Fund matters on honorarium basis and to conduct general Body meeting to reform the Committee.

The pay fixation of officers is not being made by the Divisional offices and so is the case in the matter officers who had retired and are yet to get all their dues. Pay fixation in the matter of Com. Ashish Hadke has also not been finalized till date in spite of the matter being taken in JCM.

The basic amenities are not available to the officers posted at the new cigarette unit situated in the jurisdiction of Range-V, Division-Indore. Neither proper security nor electricity connection is there in the unit.

A letter in the same line as had been made by the Nagpur Commissionerate be written through this zone regarding the base cadre and regional disparity.

It is seen that all the executive members do not attend the meetings whenever called for. Since it was decided at the time of formation of body that executive members can be rotated every six months therefore in case any member is unable to give time due to their new assignment on transfer or any other reason, new executive members be made. A letter could be circulated amongst all members seeking willingness.

In respect of the representation given by Shri S.P. Pandey regarding deputation at SEZ, Indore, it was decided that as per the deputation policy the seniors would be given preference and hence it should be implemented irrespective of the Grade pay. The issue raised being in general interest is to be considered, however for individual case of Shri S.P. Pandey, he being not a member can not be considered.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by the Vice President and with a cup of tea.
                                                                    (SURESH NAIR )
                                                                              JOINT SECRETARY